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k½Àþ Ihn-X

en-b amXyp


Summer danced into the beautiful
garden, her beautiful dress wsa
 as golden as a golden eagle.

She covered the snow with 
her beautiful golden dress now
all the grass is green

Her best neclace reflected the
light of the sun. Her golden 
high heels had the best flowers
 in twinkled in the bring sunlight,
the birds started to sing ever so sweetly.

Everyone is happy except winter
hoping it will be gone, soon
winter wish will come true
but let’s all hope summer won’t
go that fast because
we all like summer.

(tkm-aÀ-sk-äv skâv tPmÀ-Pv Im-¯-en-Iv kv-Iq-fn-se \m-emw-¢mkv hn-ZymÀ-Yn-\n-bm-Wv enb)



Readers Comments

ChnsS sImSp¡pó A`n{]mb§Ä {_n«ojv aebmfnbptSXñ. tkmjyð s\ähÀ¡v hgn NÀ¨bnð ]s¦Sp¡póhÀ AÇoetam aX \nµtbm A]IoÀ¯nIctam \nbahncp²tam Bb A`n{]mb§Ä t]mÌv sN¿póXv ssk_À \nba{]Imcw in£mÀlamWv- þ FUnäÀ

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