1 GBP = 102.00 INR                       



SnbÀ Sp P-\\-dð Un-]âvUâv hnk tlmÄ-U-dn-\\v bp-sI-bnð tUm-ÎÀ {]m-Îo-kv \\-S¯m-tam?

    Question Hi, I am a Tier2 General Visa holder. My Wife did her MBBS in India. She wishes to do MSc/ PG Diploma in UK for 12 months. I can now understand that Tier 2 dependent visa doesn’t allow Doctor’s or Dentist’s Training. Is there any way for her to apply for any jobs to practise as a Doctor with the above qualified degrees under the above visa in UK? Thanks Answer As per the current UKBA Policy Guidance for PBS Dependents, dependent of a Tier 2 Migrant cannot work as a Doctor unless any one of the following two requirements are

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കോവിഡ് തുടരുകയും തൊഴിലില്ലായ്മ ഉയരുകയും ചെയ്താല്‍ പലിശ

ഇതുവരെ നാം കണ്ടതല്ല, കോവിഡ് മൂലമുള്ള സാമ്പത്തിക പ്രതിസന്ധി, അത് ഇനിയും വരാനിരിക്കുന്നതേയുള്ളു എന്ന് പല സാമ്പത്തിക ശാസ്ത്രജ്ഞരും മുന്‍പേ പറഞ്ഞിരുന്നു. കൊറോണയുടെ രണ്ടാം വരവിന്റെ ശക്തി ഇനിയും വര്‍ദ്ധിച്ചാല്‍ നാം കടന്നു

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\gv-kn-Mv \n-b-a-§Ä

Unkv-tlm-W-kv-än-bp-sS t]-cnð F³-F-NvF-kv A-t\\zj-Ww t\\-cn-«mð

Question: I am a nurse working in a NHS Hospital. I was dismissed on 2011 from a nursing home. I worked in different nursing homes as agency staff. From 2011 to 2012. In 2012 I joined a NHS. I gave reference of the Agency people and my colleagues. I did not tell of the suspension. Now I am under investigation by the NHS of dishonesty. I am worried. What I can do. Help me. Answer:  We understand that, many nurses in the United Kingdom had experienced, the same difficulty you are experiencing now. We believe that, you are caught in "dishonesty" because of the lack

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