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1 GBP= 97.60 INR

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t¥m-ÌÀ: bpIv-a þt^m_v-a Xp-S§n-b kw-L-S-\-IÄ \-S-¯p-ó I-em-ta-f-I-fnð ]-s¦-Sp-¯mð H-cp km-[m-c-W bp-sI a-e-bm-fn-¡v e-`n-¡p-ó t\-«w F-´mWv? ]pXn-b X-e-apd-sb \m-Sn-sâ kw-kv-Im-cw ]Tn-¸n-¡m\pw A-Xn-\v Aw-Ko-Im-c-am-bn e-`n-¡p-ó t{Sm-^n kq-£n-¡m\pw am-{X-am-bn F{Xtbm ]u-ïm-Wv km-[m-c-W-¡mÀ ap-S-¡p-ó-Xv. 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I-em-ta-f P-Uv-Pm-bn {^m-¦vfn³ t]m-b DS-s\ X-só bpIv-a {]-knUâv t{Sm-^n Xn-cn-¨v tNm-Zn-¨v hn-fn-¨p F-óm-Wv {^m-¦v-fn³ ]-d-bp-óXv. Xp-SÀ-óv {]-kn-Uâpw ssh-kv {]-kn-Uâpw Xp-SÀ-¨-bmbn Cu B-h-iyw D-ó-bn-¡m³ Xp-S§n. I-em-{]Xn-` ]-«w F-hÀ tdm-fnw-Kv B-sWópw A-Xv Xn-cn-¨v X-ón-sñ-¦nð \n-b-a-\-S]-Sn F-Sp-¡p-sa-óp-am-Wv `o-jWn. Xp-SÀ-óv ]-cm-Xn-bpam-bn {^m-¦v-fn³ tKm-kv-äÀ a-e-bm-fn A-tkm-kn-tbj-s\ k-ao-]n¨p. A-tkm-kn-tb-j³ {^m-¦v-fnsâ ]n-ónð D-d-¨p-\n-óv bpIv-a t\XrXzs¯ tNmZyw sN-bv-X-tXm-sS-bmWv \n-e-]m-Sv A-hÀ a-b-s¸-Sp-¯n-bXv. F-¦nepw A-Im-c-W-am-bn X-só `o-j-Wn-s¸-Sp¯n-b bpIv-a t\-Xr-Xz-¯n-sâ C-c-«-¯m-¸v P-\w A-dnb-Ww F-óv ]-d-ªm-Wv {^m-¦v-fn³ hnh-cw {_n-«n-jv a-e-bm-fn-sb A-dn-bn-¨Xv. bp-Iv-a-bp-sS \m-ev I-em-ta-f-Ifnepw G-ähpw Iq-Sp-Xð t]m-bnâv t\-Sn-bn«pw aq-óp X-h-W X-só \n-b-a-hn-cp-²-am-bn H-gn-hm¡n-b bpIv-a t\-Xr-Xz-¯n-sâ \n-e-]m-Sn-s\bpw {^m-¦v-fn³ tNmZyw sN-¿p-óp-ïv. 2011þð G-ähpw Iq-Sp-Xð t]m-bnâv t\-Sn-sb-¦n-epw t]m-bnâv Iq-«p-ó-Xnð ]ni-Iv ]-än-b-Xn-sâ t]-cnð I-em-{]-Xn-`m ]-«w \n-tj-[n-¡-s¸-Sp-I-bm-bn-cpóp. C-¡m-cyw sX-fn-hp-IÄ k-ln-Xw Nq-ïn-¡m-«n-b-t¸mÄ kw-Lm-SÀ k-½-Xn-s¨-¦nepw {]-Xn-`m]-«w {]-Jym-]n-¡-s¸-«-bmÄ-¡v hn-j-a-am-Im-Xn-cn-¡m³ th-ïn an-ïm-sX t]m-ó-Xm-bn {^m-¦v-fn³ {_n-«o-jv a-e-bm-fn-s¡-gpXn-b I-¯nð ]-d-bp-óp. 2012þð a-äp-Åh-sc _-lp-Zq-cw ]n-ón-em-¡n {^m-¦v-en³ I-em-{]-Xn-`m ]-«w kzo-I-cn-¨-t¸mÄ Aó-s¯ bpIv-a {]-kn-Uâv hÀ-¤o-kv tPm-¬ t]m-b-hÀ-jw kw-`-hn-¨ sX-äv G-äv ]-d-bm-\p-Å a-cym-Z-sb-¦nepw Im-«n-bn-cpóp.   Xp-SÀ-óp-Å hÀ-jw G-ähpw Iq-Sp-Xð t]m-bnâp-IÄ t\-Sn-bn«pw {^m-¦v-en-s\ ]p-c-kv-Im-c-¯nð \n-ópw bpIv-a t\-XrXzw hoïpw am-än \nÀ¯n. {_n-«o-jv a-e-bm-fn A-hmÀ-Uv ss\-än-se \yq-kv t]-gv-k¬ ss^-\-en-Ì-m-b-Xn-sâ ]-I-XoÀ-¡p-I-bm-bn-cp-óp-sh-óv {^m-¦v-en³ B-tcm-]n-¡póp: "{_n-«o-jv a-e-bm-fn A-hmÀ-Un-sâ ss^-\-en-te-¡v Rm³ sX-c-sª-Sp-¡-s¸-«-tXm-sS bpIv-a {]-kn-Uâpw a-äp t\-Xm-¡fpw F-só \n-c-´-c-am-bn hn-fn-¨v A-hmÀ-Unð \nópw ]n-òm-dm³ k-½À-±w sN-ep¯n. Rm³ A-Xn-\v hn-k-½-Xn¨p. A-hmÀ-Uv ss\-äv X-te-óv hn-fn-¨v A-hmÀ-Uv th-Zn-bnð h-¨v \n-c-kn-¨v {]-kw-Kw ]d-ªv a-S§mw F-ó D-]-tZ-i-hp-am-bn B-bn-cp-óp t^m¬ hn-fn. CXn-s\mópw Rm³ h-g-§m-Xn-cp-óXp-sIm-ïm-Wv ]n-tä hÀ-jw \-S-ó I-em-ta-f-bnð G-ähpw Iq-Sp-Xð t]m-bnâv t\-Sn-bn«pw F-\n-¡v I-em-{]Xn-` ]-«w hoïpw \n-tj-[n-¨Xv. \nb-aw h-f-s¨m-Sn-¨m-bn-cp-óp bpIv-a t\-Xr-Xz-¯nsâ Cu Xo-cp-am\w." {^m-¦v-en³ ]-d-bpóp. C-{Xbpw B-b-tXm-sS bpIv-a I-em-ta-f-bnð \nópw am-dn \nð-¡m³ {^m-¦v-en³ Xo-cp-am-\n-¡p-I-bm-bn-cpóp. AXn\nSbnemWv t^m_va Bcw`n¨Xv. Xp-SÀóv Cu am-kw BZyw t\m-«n-Mv-lm-anð \-Só t^m_va tkm-Wð I-em-ta-f-bnð {^m-¦v-en-s\ P-Uv-Pm-bn £-Wn-¡p-I-bm-bn-cpóp. C-tXm-sS {]-tIm-]n-Xcm-b bpIv-a t\-Xm-¡Ä `o-j-Wn-b-p-am-bn cw-K-¯n-d-§p-I-bm-bn-cpóp. t^m-_v-a-bp-am-bn k-l-I-cn-¡p-ó Fñm-h-tcbpw `o-j-Wn-s¸-Sp-¯n ]n-òm-äpó-Xv bpIv-a t\-Xm-¡-Ä ]-Xn-hm-¡n-bn-cn-¡p-I-bmWv. bp-Iv-a-bn-se G-ähpw kPo-h A-tkm-kn-tb-j-\p-I-fnð Hóm-b C-]v-kv hn-¨v tI-c-f IÄ-¨-dð A-tkm-kn-tb-j³ Aw-K-§Ä t^m_v-a I-em-ta-f-bnð a-Õ-cn-¨-Xn-sâ t]-cnð ]p-d-¯m-¡n-bn-cpóp. FwF]n {]n-̬, t_-kn-Mv tÌm-¡v a-e-bm-fn IÄ-¨-dð A-tkm-kn-tb-j³ Xp-S§n-b A-tkm-kn-tb-j-\p-I-tfmSpw t\-Xm-¡-sfbpw k-½À-±w sN-ep-¯m³ {i-an-¨p F-ó B-tcm]-Ww Dïv. hen-sbm-cp kw-L-S-\-sb H-cp \yq-\]-£w h-cpó tIm¬-{K-kv t\-Xm-¡Ä ssl-Pm-¡v sN-bv-X-Xnð bpIv-a Aw-K A-tkm-kn-tb-j-\p-IÄ-¡-p-Ånð I-Sp-¯ A-Xr-]v-Xn cq-]-s¸-«v h-cn-I-bmW.v A-tkm-kn-tb-j-\p-I-fp-sS ]-c-am-[n-Im-c-¯nð C§-s\ \n-c-´-c-am-bn C-S-s]-Sp-ó-Xnð Aw-K A-tkm-kn-tb-\p-I-fnð Fñmw A-Xr-]v-Xn cq-]-s¸-«n-«pïv. bp-Iv-a-bn-ð Aw-KXzw F-Sp-¯-Xn-sâ t]-cnð a-äv kw-L-S-\-I-fp-am-bn k-l-I-cn-¡pó-Xv hn-e-¡p-óXn-t\m-Sp-Å F-XnÀ-¸m-Wv F§pw cq-]-s¸-Sp-óXv. bp-Iv-a-bnð Aw-K-am-bn \nóp-sIm-ïv X-só t^m-_v-a-bp-ambpw k-l-I-cn-¡p-ó-Xnð F-´m-Wv sX-äv Fó tNmZyw Dó-bn-¡-p-ó At\-I t]À C-t¸mÄ cw-K-¯p-ïv. Cu B-hiyw k-Po-h-amIptam F-ó `-b-¯n-em-Wv bpIv-a t\-Xm¡Ä. t^m-_v-atbm bp-Iv-atbm F-´p-amI-s« Ip-«n-IÄ-¡v A-hk-cw e-`n-¡p-I-bm-Wv {]-[m-\-sa-ópw A-Xn-\v XS-Êw \nð-¡p-ó kw-L-S-\-I-tfm-Sv k-l-I-cn-¡-cp-sXópw A-`n-{]m-bw i-à-am-bn h-c-p-ópïv. bpIv-abntem a-tä-sX-¦nepw kw-L-S-\-bntem Aw-KXzw D-ÅXp-sIm-ïv t^m-_v-a-bnð {]-hÀ-¯n-¡m³ X-S-Ê-anñ. A-tkm-kn-tb-j³ Cñm-¯-hÀ-¡v t]mepw t^m_v-a a-Õ-c-§-fnð ]-s¦-Sp-¡mw. F-ómð bpIv-a Aw-K-Xzw D-Å, t^m-_v-a-bp--am-bn k-l-I-cn-¡p-ó -kw-L-S-\-IÄ-¡v bpIv-a I-em-ta-f-bnð {]-thi-\w Cñ. t^m_v-a I-em-ta-f-bnð ]-s¦-Sp-¯-hÀ-¡v hn-e-t¡À-s¸-Sp¯p-I Iq-Sn sN-bv-X-tXm-sS bpIv-a t\-Xr-Xz-¯n-s\Xnsc I-Sp-¯ hn-Im-c-am-Wv cq-]-s¸-Sp-óXv. {^m-¦v-fnð {_n-«o-jv a-e-bm-fn-¡v A-b-¨ I-¯n-sâ ]qÀ-W cq-]-am-Wv Nph-sS sIm-Sp-¡p-óXv.   Dear Editor   My name is Franklin Fernandez.  I  am living in Gloucester and a member of Gloucestershire Malayali  Association. I used to perform for the association and through Association, I used to perform on UKMA kalamelas also.  On 2011 UKMA kalamela, I was the top scorer   but the kala prathibha given to another participant. After the ceremony our association members questioned this and Varghese John, the President of UKMA begged not to make any issues as it is already awarded and accepted the that there was an error in the totalling of the scores. As a matured artist, I didn’t complain at all.  On year 2012 UKMA kalamela, again I was the top scorer and I was awarded  with the kala prthibha pattam by Varghese John itself. (It is a shield printed ‘Kalathilakam’ instead of ‘Kalaprathibha’ even the organisers didn’t understand the difference  between the two.) He announced on stage that it was his long cherished wish to honour me  and the reason behind was the mistake they have done on the previous year.   Last two days I was getting very serious calls  from UKMA vice president Beena  Sence and President Vijee Paily, asking very roughly to return the 2012 kalaprthibha Trophy telling it is ever rolling. First of all there is no trophy but only a wrongly labelled shield is given . I have never informed that it is ever rolling and nothing printed on it.More over   it  is not requested to send back  on year 2013. Still I have agreed to return it  but with the consent of our association leaders.  When the association leaders involved, Vijee Paily called back and sarcastically commented it was a joke.  If it is a joke ,why did he called late night  and again early morning  and both Beena sence and Vijee paily forcing and threatening me.   As a straight forward artist, these calls and the past bad experiences from UUKMA leaders  made my life stressed and these are their deliberate movements to harass me.   Last year I was one of the finalists of British Malayali News Person of the Year.  That time I was regularly getting phone calls from the UUKMA leaders including the President Vijee Pailly  asking me not to go for the ceremony and forced me to reject the award nomination. But I didn’t agree  for that and this made them unhappy. I suffered the after effects of their dislikes on the next kalamela itself. 2013 UKMA kalamela, I was the top scorer among those who won prices on both dance and non dance items, but ukma leaders took the decision to give the prize to a participant who performed only non dance items. As per the published rules,  to be eligible for kalaprathibha,  participant should won on both dance and non dance items. Even though I was not keen on the prizes and participated only because of the forcing from our own association leaders, this  incident made me fed up of the kalamela competitions and decided not to participate any more.  Our association leaders questioned this and filed an appeal.  So far no official reply received for the appeal, but I came to know that the reason ,they revealed later is that I am a professional dancer. But in fact the only performance I have done in UK for a remuneration is for the fund raising of UKMA  along with Vodfone Comedy stars, that also  after much begging from UKMA leaders. To perform , I have traveled  to 9 venues all over UK  by train using my own money. My wife have to take four weeks loss of pay leave to look after my 3 young children during this time. As a remuneration I was given £250.00, more than that I have spent for train tickets only. But I never complained considering this  as service to the community and uukma. But this latest incident of taking back my shield is beyond limits and I am sure the reason behind is my participation with FOBMA Kalolsavam judging panel. I have received many call from Vijee Paily  asking not to go for FOBMA programs, but as an artists I have considered this as accreditation of  talents and the trust on my dedication to arts.   As a dedicated artist from the  very childhood, I never had these  type of  bad experiences  either from  Kerala or from middle east.   The nasty people of this kind is damaging the whole image of malayalis and  not eligible to lead an organisation like UKMA. I wish to share  my feeling with the general public to warn them about this type of venomous people. Hope British Malayali will l help  me to convey my message to  the public. I am ready to announce this  any where in public.     With thanks & Regards   Franklin Fernandes  

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